I adore writing. I write every day. Since passion needs to be executed with excellent tools, I treat myself to the world’s finest pencils. Thoughts are more beautiful on paper when delivered through the graphite tip of a pencil. This allows me to draw out my ideas. And since many of the ideas are musical — the sound of the pencil adds to the experience. These inspirations are kept safe in a leather book loaded with blank pages. I’ve never been one to live life between the lines, so *no-lines* is a must.

My family.

Excellent craft beer. Saison / Farmhouse Ale brewed in season.

Cobblestone streets.

Dim lighting in cities and towns. Better yet, no street lights at all.

Roads without billboards.


Fireplaces. Especially wood stoves with big glass windows for watching the flames dance, or the coals slowly fade into the late of night.

Ginger snaps.

The moon. Any phase. Even new.

Yes, there is the stuff I don’t dig. Click here and it will appear as if by magic .

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