This… Joe Jacobi & Eliminating Negative People

2017-01-08T20:04:29+00:00 August 31st, 2015|Inspiration|

The husband is one of my best life-guides. Everyone needs an *Anam Cara* and Joe Jacobi is mine.

One of my favorite Joe essays comes with this overlying theme: You can be a good person without shoving your goals into the backseat just to make room for a negative hitchhiker. You are […]

This… Chad Lawson on CBS Sunday Morning

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When pianist and composer Chad Lawson sits at his Steinway and improvises, anything might happen, such as his own take on great classical works. His album, “Chopin Variations,” debuted at Number 1 on iTunes Classical last year. In this self-narrated profile – part of our Short Takes series – Lawson shows us his life as […]

This… Jonathan Fields Talks About Quitting

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JonathanFieldsIt was a conversation I’d had before, and I will have again.

Look, she said, I’ve been at this for five years. I’ve developed programs and products. I’ve built a brand. I’ve paid people to help me build it. I have a serious community. I’ve written more […]

On Artistry, Duty, Responsibility…

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“It’s the space between the notes, that’s where the art resides.” - Arthur Rubinstein “A songwriter's solemn duty is to shorten the distance between the truth and the public.” - Graham Nash "A song is a gift from your Muse. Handle & Deliver with Care." - Lisa Jacobi "If there is only a handful in my audience, I feel even more enriched. They are there for a purpose. They may not know the purpose, and I certainly don't, but I recognize that an unseen force intends for us to be in this moment... together." - Lisa Jacobi