LisaJacobi-RedClayMusicFoundryLisa Jacobi is a singer, composer, songwriter and masterful instrumentalist on electric & acoustic guitar (jazz & blues), violin (gypsy jazz, blues, rock & traditional), mandolin, and upright bass.

Her passion is to create music that delivers a danceable organic & soulful groove.

As a recording artist & producer, she has released multiple albums with airplay around the world. Her original material has been used as soundtracks in movies, theatrical trailers, television shows, live sports events including the Olympic Games on NBC and the global multi-week broadcast of Le Tour de France, as well as a number of tv & radio commercials.

Her original songs are infused with flavors from her tours through mountainous Appalachia to urban city streetscapes, as well as from time spent wandering through east Africa, the spirit of north Atlantic’s Celtic regions, and the sensibility of small villages in eastern & western Europe.

These same intoxicating influences distill their way through her live shows in which her original material is seasoned with a tiny mix of unexpected cover songs.

Current Reads & Meditations & Conversations

  • Literary works of John O’Donohue,
  • Audio from Deepak Chopra
  • Intimate conversations with Alexa & Siri
  • Late night philosophical & intellectual talks with her husband, Joe.

Rain Maker, Deal Maker, Trouble Maker…

  • traveled in 23 countries for music & sport… and in her previous life on assignment for a television news network, essays and column assignments for magazines, as well as for international sports competitions managing a U.S. Olympic Team and World Cup teams.

Before her life in music…

  • professional movie/television stunt woman in many movies & television shows, including as the double for *Daisy Duke* (Catherine Bach) in the premier season of “Dukes of Hazzard.”

Writing & Radio

  • For over 30 years, Lisa Jacobi has used top flight journalistic skills and ideals to share the artistic intent behind life’s most interesting stories. The experience gained as a network television news producer, a contributor to mainstream magazines including Self, Outside, Men’s Journal, Summit, Playboy, Backpacker, Canoe Kayak, Paddler, Bluegrass Today – the host of her own critically acclaimed Stitcher podcast series Artist2Artist with Lisa Jacobi, and as an itinerant outdoor life essayist for National Public Radio… Lisa’s interviewing style brings forward clear and engaging stories and messages that resonate deeply with audiences of her content. Read Lisa Jacobi on Medium.

Television stuff

  • fifteen years as a Network Television News Producer (having risen up through the ranks from flunky) where she learned the lessons of quiet, gentle diplomacy from amazing world leaders, and she realized not to be envious of others who had the *opportunity* to take a dip in Fidel Castro’s swimming pool.
  • two years as a Television Sports Producer covering the National Basketball Association (NBA), one year of which was spent being schooled in the finer details of basketball strategy by interns half her age.
  • script writer-adjuster-outliner for network television music shows.


  • Major League Baseball (MLB) mascot. Perks included a one-room tee-pee and $10 a game and a very happy father who loved baseball.
  • whitewater kayak slalom athlete who evolved into leader of the 1996 U.S. Olympic Whitewater Canoe-Kayak Slalom Team.

Traditional Schooling

  • graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Russian language – and despite the ribbons hanging from her commencement gown, it was a language she thoroughly forgot within 2 years of graduating.

Death topics of note

  • nearly died near the Yukon Territory while on a solo canoe expedition.
  • thought she was about to meet death in Belize when the steering wheel came off into the hands of the taxi driver at 80 klicks.
  • yearned for death in Kenya’s Maasai Mara when she, mistakenly, had ingested an incorrect dosage of malaria medication.
  • and when both her parents died within 36 hours of each other by different diseases, she arrived at the realization that death is a very magical part of life.

Lotto dream should she ever win

  • is to bribe University of Oxford regents into awarding her a Rhodes Scholarship.
  • is to disappear.