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Lisa Jacobi is a life scholar, professional musician & recording artist, producer, composer and creator.
A small voice in a big world.

Why 2017 Is My Year to Disappear

A note to my professional music colleagues and music friends & listeners –

2017 is my year to sequester and to devote myself to intense studies into Blues music and Blues guitar & violin. This means I must stay off the stage to fully immerse with monomaniacal zeal & passion as I move in this different direction with my music. This is the type of opportunity one must grab in faith – a desire that almost every professional musician wishes for themselves. Thank you, so far, to the festival bookers and venue promoters who have supported me and my music in the past decade with a particular shout-out to those in the southeast U.S. who have honored me with repeat appearances at:  Chattanooga’s Riverbend Festival (3x), Riverfront Nights (2x), Downtown Chattanooga Lunchtime Music (3x), Anderson Music Hall in north Georgia (3x), Atlanta’s Chomp & Stomp Festival (2x) and Peachblossom Festival (9 years!), Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, GA (3x), Red Clay Music Foundry (3x), Purple Fiddle in West Virginia (3x), Boogie (4x), Nashville’s 3rd and Lindsley & Layla’s (2x), Atlanta’s Red Light Cafe (7x), North Carolina’s Doyles in Murphy (7x), Nantahala Outdoor Center (7x) and John C. Campbell Folk School Concert Series & Festivals (10x), Blue Ridge Brewery (many x), Birmingham Alabama’s Moonlight on the Mountain (2x), West Virginia’s Pickin’ In Parsons (2x), Athens GA HemlockFest (4x) & The Melting Point (6x), Union County Georgia Music Series (10 years)… and the dozens and dozens of music venues big & small throughout other parts of  the U.S. and in Europe who have provided to me and my bandmates  the privilege to share our music. I will be back in 2018 and when I do, I’ll be bringing the Blues and lots of new music with it. – Lisa

“Every time you are creative, you are on holy ground.”
– Lisa Jacobi

PLANET – The Band

An Intelligent & Mysterious Sonic Journey through Music

Jason Chumley, JRod Payne, Lisa Jacobi, Jess Chumley, Howard Williams, Adrian Ash

With music that echoes eternal tones, the musical artists in PLANET bring their original material, and rarely heard gems penned by legends, to live audiences in small venues and on large festival stages.

“Love, consciousness, and creativity are the highest refinements of the cosmic evolutionary force.”
– Alex Gray

LISA JACOBI divides time between the U.S.A. and Spain where she lives and creates. While in the States, she is based in a region between Asheville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Knoxville & Nashville. She performs LIVE anywhere on the planet to share her music.


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