Episode 14: Dixie Hall – We Still Have Forever To Go

In mid-May of last year, I traveled to Franklin, Tennessee to interview the beautiful, talented and highly successful songwriter, Miss Dixie Hall.

or… Miss Dixie, if you’ve known her for your entire life – or if you have just met her. Permission granted.

Here in the deep south, women of a certain age and elegance are regularly addressed by the tender use of the salutation Miss followed by their first name. It doesn’t matter if she is married, or never been, or not now.

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Meaning Beyond The Verse

Right now, I think we need writers who know the difference between the production of a market commodity and the practice of an art.” – Ursula Le Guin Continue reading

So what’s in YOUR couch?

The rumor is true. Jack White’s “Upholsterers” vinyl does exist - copies of which were recently found hidden inside couches. My take on all this? Jack and Brian were not great predictors of the "10 years later" entertainment climate. Instead Jack White and Brian Muldoon were authentic do-ers, confident that industry hi-jinx with its perceived advantageous partnerships is trumped by artistic craft. They didn't place their focus on who was being chosen or what others were doing or receiving Continue reading

Episode 13: Si Kahn – Silence is Assent

Unless it is Gospel and giving praise to the Almighty – or the safe bet of celebrating our military veterans – then we just don’t seem to be keen on owning our truths through our music. Is it cultural? Is it some sort of proper manners? Is it lack of interest? Is it fear of bullying or negative repercussions? Or… is it a show of assent? Continue reading

Episode 12: Frank Solivan – The Ether Music World

What's it take to have the right people playing in a band? We're not talking musical ability, instead that all important "off stage" time together? Frank Solivan shares his thoughts on that, as well as he gives us a peek into his pre-performance routine that is critical to pulling off a great show. Continue reading

Episode 11: Robyn Taylor – Quieting the Nashville Noise

There is a side that Robyn Taylor is slowly revealing through song. She has been through serious personal trials, and I mean difficult trials. And from those, she is creating an admirable professional life for herself by way of carving out a peaceful, artistic personal space in an overly “look at me” Nashville music scene. Continue reading

Episode 9: Barry Waldrep – Smoke From The Kitchen

Take a member from the The Rolling Stones, the Allman Brothers Band, The Marshall Tucker Band, the Zac Brown Band, and let’s say… the David Grisman Quintet, as well as a few others who breathe rarefied musical air, and stick them in a recording studio for a couple weeks at the invitation of 5-String Banjo wizard Barry Waldrep and what we all receive is Continue reading

Episode 8: Larry Keel – What’s In A Jam Band?

To look at Larry Keel, well he is a study in opposites, sort of a mix of professorship with his working-man’s eyeglasses perched on the edge of his nose. He gives off that overworked college professor feel, all scruffed up with a swath of unruly hair and mustache. His necktie assortment would capture the eye of any Grateful Dead fan. But don’t allow that laid back feel of his fool you, because when he has guitar in hand, Larry Keel plays with a deliberative musical eloquence that his peers refer to as “Signature Keel.” Continue reading

Episode 7: Laurie Lewis – Be The Wind

If you are fortunate to live in a region where bluegrass music is tied to the local culture, you might be discovering that bluegrass music is treading water. Bluegrass music is a style that once was embedded in a rural, family centered culture … a culture that is slowly disappearing as suburban strip malls, Walmarts and Home Depots overtake our farms, and half-backers who are escaping the hurricanes of Florida build their gated community dream cabins in the last remaining hollers of our mountains, and YouTube is the music instructor for our young people. One thing that Laurie Lewis is not – she is not YouTube sameness. But what Laurie Lewis is – she’s an accurate reflection of the culture and uniqueness found in the music of our 1st-2nd generation musicians. Continue reading

Episode 6: Bill Evans – It’s Not You, It’s Them.

So this happens to all performing musicians. In fact, it's a constant for many. You are on stage for a show and it's one of those dreadful nights where you are getting in your own way. Your total focus is on the neck of your guitar, banjo, bass, fiddle, mandolin or perhaps the strings across you resonator guitar. You are staring so hard that you could drill a hole right through your instrument - concentrating on the rhythm, ready to deliver that scorching break. Look at photos of your band, other bands, solo acts - you'll see what I mean. Continue reading

Episode 5: John Cowan – The Choices You Make

If you are the type who regularly taps into your inner sheep and just follows along – or allows the winds of others’ desires to buffet your music direction from side to side – you will be eventually be obliterated by minor, if not nut-case, music industry challenges. As the decades roll along, every musician makes internal and external choices that build either a positive or negative foundation for their artistry. This foundation is what makes for soul-honoring decisions when faced with the dissenting expectations of others, whether they be self-serving promoters, less than reputable record labels, the highly opinionated *chair snappers* at a festival, and the like. Along with that foundation is having awareness of, and trusting in, your inner compass. That compass is what gives reverence to your artistry, as well as... Continue reading

Episode 4: Missy Raines – Dealing With The Jitters

As performers, we all get a case of the jitters every now and then. No matter your level of musicianship, a healthy dose of nerves on stage is a positive tip-off that you are leaning across the front edge of your craft and into the zone where art moves forward. And if you don't think the same is true for full-time, award winning, tour-slammed musicians -- then International Bluegrass Music Association award winning bass player Missy Raines will beg to differ. I interviewed Missy on stage, at doors open, at the beautiful Red Clay Theatre in Duluth, Georgia. It is a musician's dream of a venue with great audiences and wonderful professionals working behind the scenes to make every show the best. Missy shares her performance focusing strategy and why she studies, so closely, the craft of one of her idols, Marty Stuart. We get underway with a look back on her youth, and how a surprise purchase by her dad gave direction to her early musical passion. Continue reading

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Read Lisa’s Artist2Artist column, every full moon in….

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