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January 10 Sunday – 7pm with Bill Fleming & Adrian Ash at Red Clay Music Foundry in Duluth, GA
February 7 Sunday 2pm – final show with Playing On The Planet at CLCC in Cherry Log, GA

LxoJ Solo & Duo dates in Charlotte area

March 7-April 16  Charlotte, NC venue scheduling underway – click here for booking
March 21-23 Songwriting with Si Kahn in Charlotte, NC

Lisa Jacobi Band European Summer Tour:

venue scheduling underway

June 25-26 Solkan Slovenia
June 29 Flattach, Austria
July 2-3 Augsburg, Germany
July 23-24 Krakow, Poland
July 30-31 Bratislava , Slovakia
August 4-5 České Budějovice, Czech Republic
Aug 26-29 Greenbelt Festival – London

The Lisa Jacobi Band back in the U.S.A.

click here for booking

October 8 Saturday –  at Oakhurst Porchfest Watts Stage in Decatur, GA

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