An Intelligent & Mysterious Sonic Journey through Music

Jason Chumley, JRod Payne, Lisa Jacobi, Jess Chumley, Howard Williams, Adrian Ash

:: original music plus creative vibes on rarely heard jewels penned by others ::

With music that echoes eternal tones, PLANET creates original musical flavors infused with inspiration distilled from tours through North America’s mountainous Appalachia & urban city streetscapes, as well as from time spent wandering through east Africa, the north Atlantic’s Celtic regions, and small villages in eastern Europe.

The musical artists in PLANET love bringing their original music to live audiences in small venues and on large festival stages. Separately, they have released several music albums with airplay around the world.

“Love, consciousness, and creativity are the highest refinements of the cosmic evolutionary force.”
– Alex Gray


Lisa Jacobi is a life scholar, professional musical artist, producer, and creator. A small voice in a big world.

“Every time you are creative, you are on holy ground.”
– Lisa Jacobi

PLANET lives and creates in a region between Asheville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Knoxville & Nashville. The artists will play LIVE anywhere on the planet to share their music.


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