Intelligent Americana Soulgrass Music from Lisa Jacobi & PLANET

Lisa Jacobi & PLANET, deliver a danceable organic & soulful grass-groove.

Their original music is infused with flavors from their tours through mountainous Appalachia to urban city streetscapes, as well as from time spent wandering through east Africa, the spirit of the north Atlantic’s Celtic regions, and the sensibility of small villages in eastern Europe. The band loves to add to their original mix with unexpected cover songs distilled by way of these same intoxicating influences.

Lisa and her musical colleagues in PLANET have released highly successful albums with airplay around the world and are extremely popular musical artists on the festival circuit.



1.10.16 at 8pm – Red Clay Music Foundry in Duluth, GA
1.30.16 at 8pm – with Jedd Dodson & Roscoe at Tusquitee Tavern in Hayesville, NC

2.07.16 at 2pm – CLCC in Cherry Log, GA
2.14.16 at 12noon – with DBA at the Pullman in Atlanta, GA
2.19.16 at 8pm – with GB at Boros Irish Pub in Blue Ridge, GA
2.20.16 at 8pm – private event

3.11.16 at 8pm – with GB at Boros Irish Pub in Blue Ridge, GA
3.12.16 at 12noon – with GB at Boros Irish Pub in Blue Ridge, GA
3.12.16 at 8pm – with GB at Spicy’s Bar in Knoxville, TN
3.21.16 through 3.23.16 – Songwriting with Si Kahn in Charlotte, NC

4.23.16 Saturday at 2-5pm – Lisa Jacobi & JRod at Rib Country Helen, GA
4.24.16 Sunday at 12:30pm – Lisa Jacobi & JRod at Chattanooga Sidewalk Stages presented by SoundCorps near Revelator Coffee (on the alley at the intersection of Frazier Avenue & Cherokee Blvd)
4.30.16 Saturday at 2pm – Lisa Jacobi & JRod at Rib Country in Helen, GA

5.07.16 Saturday at 8pm – with GB & Natti Love Joys at Heartwood Benefit at Filmore South in Blue Ridge, GA
5.13.16 Friday at 5:30pm – Lisa Jacobi with special guest Athens, Georgia’s Tommy Jordan at Rib Country in Cleveland, GA
5.14.16 Saturday at 2pm – Lisa Jacobi with special guest Asheville, North Carolina’s David Rose at Rib Country in Helen, GA
5.15.16 Sunday 2-4pm – Lisa Jacobi at Sidewalk Stages downtown side of Walnut Street Bridge in Chattanooga, TN
5.21.16 Saturday at 2pm – Lisa Jacobi & JRod at Rib Country in Helen, GA
5.28.16 Saturday at 2-5pm – Lisa Jacobi & Jared Lanham hosts “Music on The Square” in Dahlonega, GA

6.02.16 Thursday – with GB preshow event to Jimmy Buffet at Infinite Energy Center in Duluth, GA
6.04.16 Saturday at 7pm – Nantahala Outdoor Center in Wesser, NC
6.05.16 Sunday at 1-2:30pm – with GB at MusicFest & Gemini Birthday Bash at Fox Mountain in Cherry Log, GA
6.17.16 Friday at 8pm – with GB at Dumpy’s on 1054 Hwy 64 Ocoee, TN 37361
6.18.16 Saturday at 6pm – with GB at Blue Ridge Brewery in Blue Ridge, GA
6.25.16 Sunday at 4pm – with DBA at private event in Blue Ridge, GA
6.26.16 Sunday at 4:30pm – with GB at private event in Blue Ridge, GA

== EUROPE ==

11.05.16 Saturday at 11am – HemlockFest in Murrayville, GA

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Lisa Jacobi and her band hail from a region between Asheville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Knoxville & Nashville. They will play anywhere on the planet to share their music.


Bangor Bound
produced by
Lisa Jacobi & Ben Surratt

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