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Episode 17 – Andy Statman: What is it to be ferocious?

You know what drives me nuts? It’s pretty simple. It’s for me to be on stage and play a fiddle note that is not on good quality. Mind you, it can be one note in thousands — or it can be a bunch of poorly delivered notes because “it’s just one of those nights” or I arrived at a show without proper warm up and daily wood-shedding, or I’m just having a crappy night. And, after the show is over and I’m off stage… I WILL remember that ONE note. It will stick in my craw.

I’d like to think that this means I have embedded somewhere within my musical DNA one little *ferocity* chromosome.

When it comes to having ferocity in one’s personal musical genome, there are no others like Continue reading

Episode 16 – Bryan Sutton: Relevance & the Art of Turning Stuff Down

“John Hartford talked about the process of driving a river boat is not to look right in front of you, but to look a mile down the river.” – Bryan Sutton

Busy musical artists oft times become tangled in their own lack of long-range strategy. The majority of us in the pack fear the act of turning down a booking or a favored-called-in by a colleague. Bryan Sutton understands the challenge. Continue reading

Kickstarter Regret: If you had to do it over again.

I've never used Kickstarter. Only because I've not yet developed or designed a product or initiated a project so revolutionary or unique that it would change the lives of others in a positive and impactful way -- with no accessible funding support available should I do something so remarkable. That's my policy for myself. I'm self-righteous about it - definitely to a fault. Yes, most definitely to a fault. Continue reading

Episode 15 – Donna The Buffalo’s Tara Nevins: Giving Each Their Space

This year, I promise not to fire my bandmate, Pete. Don’t laugh. Okay, laugh.

Every couple of years I terminate him. It’s because we are such good friends, know each other inside-out, and love each other like the closest of siblings – and when we travel too much together in close quarters, we get on each others’ nerves. Seriously, he won’t let me keep left-overs in the bus or hotel mini-fridge. Stuff like that.

In the 10 years that we’ve been bandmates, I’ve fired him 3 times. After a couple weeks of missing him, and at the gently prodding from the rest of the band, I rehire him.

He has become very patient with me on this. I sometimes wonder why he hasn’t taken it upon himself to fire me from the band. We are equals. Let’s hope he Continue reading

Episode 14: Dixie Hall – We Still Have Forever To Go

In mid-May of last year, I traveled to Franklin, Tennessee to interview the beautiful, talented and highly successful songwriter, Miss Dixie Hall.

or… Miss Dixie, if you’ve known her for your entire life – or if you have just met her. Permission granted.

Here in the deep south, women of a certain age and elegance are regularly addressed by the tender use of the salutation Miss followed by their first name. It doesn’t matter if she is married, or never been, or not now.

Continue reading

Meaning Beyond The Verse

Right now, I think we need writers who know the difference between the production of a market commodity and the practice of an art.” – Ursula Le Guin Continue reading

So what’s in YOUR couch?

The rumor is true. Jack White’s “Upholsterers” vinyl does exist - copies of which were recently found hidden inside couches. My take on all this? Jack and Brian were not great predictors of the "10 years later" entertainment climate. Instead Jack White and Brian Muldoon were authentic do-ers, confident that industry hi-jinx with its perceived advantageous partnerships is trumped by artistic craft. They didn't place their focus on who was being chosen or what others were doing or receiving Continue reading

Episode 13: Si Kahn – Silence is Assent

Unless it is Gospel and giving praise to the Almighty – or the safe bet of celebrating our military veterans – then we just don’t seem to be keen on owning our truths through our music. Is it cultural? Is it some sort of proper manners? Is it lack of interest? Is it fear of bullying or negative repercussions? Or… is it a show of assent? Continue reading

Episode 12: Frank Solivan – The Ether Music World

What's it take to have the right people playing in a band? We're not talking musical ability, instead that all important "off stage" time together? Frank Solivan shares his thoughts on that, as well as he gives us a peek into his pre-performance routine that is critical to pulling off a great show. Continue reading

Episode 11: Robyn Taylor – Quieting the Nashville Noise

There is a side that Robyn Taylor is slowly revealing through song. She has been through serious personal trials, and I mean difficult trials. And from those, she is creating an admirable professional life for herself by way of carving out a peaceful, artistic personal space in an overly “look at me” Nashville music scene. Continue reading

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